Huge tax breaks in the works for people with disabilities!

I posted this once before and no one had anything to say. EVERYONE on this site needs to read this and do some research come tax time. If this gets signed into law it will affect us in a huge way!!

When will it be voted on?

That would be a huge help since both my wife and myself are disabled!

Great help but if you read to the end of the article it is only available to those under the age of 26. With many types of ataxia not becoming apparent until later in life, this provision would not apply. Too bad, but a step in the right direction.

No it is available to anyone whose disability BEGAN prior to age 26

For those who have this because it runs in the family…weren’t we technically born with this?

Yes! That’s how I will use it.

Let’s just hope the Prez signs it into law soon.

Yep. How do we go about getting it if it were approved?

Just keep watching the news. I will post news if something new pops up!

I was diagnosed with Ataxia when I was 52. However, looking back now, I think I've had Ataxia all my life. I had encephalitis when I was 5 and I think that's where I got the Ataxia from. I was always clumsy as a child, could never play sports as well as other kids, can't ride a bike because I can't balance it, etc. If this passes, is there a way to prove I had Ataxia as a child?

The ABLE Act passed the House then the Senate and President Obama must sign. The autism community has been fighting for this for the past 8 years. The purpose of the Bill is to allow parents and families of people with disabilities to save for their loved one’s futures tax free without losing their government benefits. My understanding is that this also applies to adults. Any new information that anyone finds out is greatly appreciated, and I will share anything I learn with you.

On December 22, Obama signed the ABLE act into law. Here is a link to explain in more detail, what you need to know about the law and how it will affect you. This is a huge gain for those living with disabilities, but there is still much more that needs to be done so that ALL are covered properly.

Happy New Year to you!