I am in san deigo at the moment

hi all i am visiting my sister in san deigo at the moment and just wondered if there was any activities going on here i could visit.my name is nick and have sca3.

San Diego is a beautiful city! I use to live there.

Go to Balboa Park. You should be able to get around fine. Always lots to see in the whole park including the world famous San Diego Zoo (go early in the day for the zoo). You could easily spend a few days at Balboa Park.

Also explore Coronado Island during the day. Sunset at "Sunset Cliffs" is great. Then go over to the other side of the Point Loma to Rosecrans Cemetery immediately following sunset and gaze down to the harbor through the cemetery. Quite lovely.

There is also Seaworld in San Diego.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for what to do in San Diego. Have Fun Nick!!!

hi julie sorry for the late response.its just that i not the use of a computer over the weekend.my nephew is studying tio become a doctor and is sitting his final paper soon so i only get the use of a computer at my sisters work place.

thanks for the places you have suggested,the only place i not been to point loma.i have nearly been here nearly 4 months.the weather here suits me and my sister and her family have been very good me.i shall try and visit point loma as per your suggestion.i live in the uk.my second wife decided to return back to china for good.so it only let me alone so i decided to accept my sisters offer to visit them in san deigo.keep in touch.

kind regards nick