Hi all

My mother died in August and left me some money.I was thinking of going to Iceland for a few nights in March.Does anyone know of any disabled friendly hotels,airlines,etc?

Good question

Have sent this to the attention of contacts that may have information to share.

let us know how you get on too.


What a lovely idea.. so sorry to hear you lost your Mum. Hope you find something suitable xx

Never been to Iceland so I cant advise you. But I am certain they (being so advanced) have the right things 4 u.. I, too am sorry that you lost your Mom. Hope you have a grand time in Iceland. N

I am sorry too to hear about your Mom !

If you google something like “disabled or handicap friendly hotels in Iceland”, you will get many choices, one of them being a Wheelchair tour of Iceland.
Have fun.! Went to Rekjavik once, but only saw the airport as I was in transit from France to the States. So, not much help there…

I went to Iceland once & stayed with friends, it is fantastic & amazing but I would not go in March , it is cold & wet enough in June!

Are you keen on birds? It is a paradise for different species. Take warm clothing, & don't eat smoked sheeps heads.

best wishes Fiona

Sounds like a delicacy …;-(. Must be an acquired taste!

I’m sorry to hear about your mom.

It sounds like a great opportunity for an experience.

Here’s something to consider:

Also, when I went to visit a few places with one of my ex-boyfriends, we went on personal tours in a local tourist’s car - they knew where everything was, and it was in a car/me-friendly. If a car works for you, you might consider Googling a local tourist person to show you around.

Or you can just higher your own driver+car. Often taxi drivers are keen to do this and Iceland was hit hard by the recession so there might be tons of people around looking for work.. I also went on a personal tour of Rome once with a private company. It was organized by an older cousin who wasn't anxious to walk much. The tour operator told me that they have a rep in every European city. The reps, typically, were university profs. lecturers and so forth

Wheelchair Accessible Tour around the Country of Iceland


Dear Marie, My sympathies for the lose of your mom! Looks like you've received much information to plan your trip. I personally have never traveled to Iceland, but have heard it's a wonderful place to visit...,enjoy! ;o)

Sorry about your mom. They have hotels for disabled. You just have to ask. Or it says it in the booklets.