I want to marry my girlfriend who has ataxia since at the age of 6 years.. present her age is 27.5 years

Please … Tell it is good to marry her??? I am a normal person… living in India… Andhra Pradesh
How can I take care of her… Any suggestions… Her both limbs loss coordination… at the age 13 years, she is using wheel chair… Present she has throat problem , slurry speech… only one finger was working…
Please give your suggestions… In future … She will have what symptoms??? I need to care

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If you love her that’s all that matters. I have CA witch isn’t bad yet . I’m not in a wheel chair. Does she’s need 24/7 care ? Are you able to take care of her by your self? But can you also work?

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:slightly_smiling_face:Sree, It is impossible for anyone other than a Neurologist to attempt to predict the progression of ataxia. I imagine that it is very difficult to find medical advice about ataxia in India.

At the moment, from what you describe, your girlfriend is coping with challenging symptoms. These symptoms are unlikely to get better, she will need more help with daily needs as time goes on.

Does she see a Neurologist, or a doctor? There is advice to help with swallowing/choking. Many people suffer from slurry voice, it is one of the many symptoms of ataxia.

There are many different types of ataxia. Not all have exactly the same symptoms. Not all progress in the same way. Only a Specialist Neurologist can give the best advice about your girlfriends future needs.

You can find general information about ataxia, medication, diet and suggested Physiotherapy on www.ataxia.org :slightly_smiling_face:xB

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Thanks… Madam… For your advice…

Hello Sree,https://www.ibshospitals.com/ataxia.html

As Beryl said in her answer above, you need to see a neurologist who may be able to tell you more about what the future might be like.

I did a search on the internet, but not knowing were you are located, it is difficult to give you precise names or addresses of hospital which treat ataxia .
I found this hospital in New Dheli https://www.ibshospitals.com/ataxia.html
You could contact them and ask for their advice.

I hope this helps. I think it is wonderful that you want to marry your girlfriend. I wish you both the very best,

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Thanks… for suggestions

Hello Sree, this is a difficult situation for you and your girlfriend.
I really cannot tell you what to do or not to do.
You could go with her to talk to her doctor so that he can explain to you exactly everything about her medical condition and how you can help her and then tell him about your wish to marry her and see what the doctor will suggest.
Best wishes - Cicina

Thanks… For your advice…
Surely… I will take her to the doctor… neurologist…

If it were me I would take your girl to a neurologist, look up disease on Internet. Take a list to the neurologist. Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with sporadic ataxia I have now been living with this disease for over 21 years. Took the doctors 5 years to get a diagnosis. I am still here and do all kinds of thing including exercise which is really important.

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Madam… Please tell any good exercises for slurred speech problem and swallowing problem… Please send any information to my email ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
Or any link…
Madam I asked her … Her doctor said that it is hereditary ataxia … Because of genes problem…
Now she is suffering from slurred speech problem

Sree, she needs to see a Speech Therapist for advice about swallowing, and slurring. If this is not possible, ask for advice from her Neurologist, or doctor. A Speech Therapist will instruct about techniques to help avoid choking. Such as keeping her chin down when swallowing food or drink. Also, special thickeners can be prescribed to add to drinks. Many people find they can cope with these symptoms after seeking advice from a Speech Therapist :slightly_smiling_face:xB