Snow and ice

I live in NY and today we had some snow fall - about an inch or more. The storm really wasn’t much but it’s been bitterly cold here and below freezing at that. So the snow is gonna stay and probably harden up to ice.

I find it difficult “walking” around in the snow regarding balance and slipping. I find it really tough when trying to negotiate curbs and such. When I step over a curb, I’m afraid of falling when I put my foot back down again.

I don’t really need walking aids but I do get sort of nervous moving around. Anyone else in the same boat and any ideas for traction?

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Hi Chas :slightly_smiling_face: Even if you don’t normally feel the need to rely on a cane, it probably would be a good idea to at least invest in a hiking pole just while the snow and ice is hanging around. There’s nothing worse than feeling the ground slip away, or realising you’ve misjudged a kerb and then wishing you at least had something to help you balance :grimacing: Of course sturdy footwear with a good tread on the sole is essential too :slightly_smiling_face: A few years ago I bought some spiky metal grips to attach to my boots but it thawed before I had a chance to try them :smirk: Stay safe :blush: xB

I think Beryl provided very good advice. After all, safety is the most important thing, and if using a cane or hiking stick in the snow helps you balance better, go for it. I am still feeling the effects of a broken leg/hip from nine months ago, and it is certainly not worth it. Using a cane does make one look handicapped, which can be a lot to get over. The good thing is that people are a little less likely to run into you and they might not assume you have been drinking a lot!

I just don’t go out-except for a few warmer days this winter, or for big occasions when there is a car waiting for me, I just don’t go out. Depressing as hell. But I have no choice bc I can’t use rollator in snow/ice.

We had a layer of fine crisp snow this morning, and after my husband had left for work, I realised he’d put the wrong refuse bin out :grimacing: So, being a ‘responsible recycling person’, I gritted my teeth and swapped the bins.

Back indoors I rewarded myself with cup of hot chocolate :yum: Then I realised there was a dead pigeon on the patio, and another bird was plucking it :flushed: Back out again to remove the pigeon before my cat discovered it. More exercise today than I’d anticipated :wink: xB


Chas, as we share similar weather conditions, (I am just north of Toronto) Just be careful if using ice & snow picks for your shoes/boots. They can be very slick on dry/bare concrete, Although, a great idea, they can be a bit dangerous too. Agreed a cane with a winter ice pick attachment for the bottom can be handy. (the same metal/concrete incompatibility applies, can be slick)
I have carried a cane for a few years now. If nothing else, it is for looks too! A few years ago I was at a restaurant. I ordered a 5oz. glass of red wine to wash down my steak dinner (I didn’t even finish the wine). Later I was pulled over by the police, they suspected I had been drinking, and another patron back at the restaurant had called them to report what appeared to be my staggering drunkenness. After a short visit, a breath sample, a crowd of gawkers, and some explanation, I had proved my sobriety, and I was on my merry way again. I had restored my clean police record again. The moral of the story is; a cane, although, may indicate some degree of navigational difficulty, may be the best line of defence when navigating ice and snow. And if nothing else it may show others your not impaired!
Had I used a cane that day at the restaurant, I wouldn’t have that wonderful story to tell.


Actually, I kinda agree with you regarding using spike shoes. I remember some years ago playing golf and wearing metal spikes on the shoes. They were fine on the grass but if you had to walk on a hard surface [indoors] they became iffy. I have to assume the same thing on hard ice [though no problem on snow].

That’s a sad story you tell about the wine and the cops. Just shows you how stupid some people [patron] are when they are unaware. They THINK they’re being a good citizen but actually they’ve opened a can of worms. It’s too bad we can’t have them arrested for making a bad report. My speech has also changed [dysarthia] and it sounds like I’m drunk. But thank goodness no problems with other people.


My favorite thing is happening outside right now. I live in New York and we’re under blizzard conditions right now. It’s snowing like crazy and to make it worse, the temperature is 15 degrees F and the wind is blowing like a hurricane. I can’t wait to go outside when the wind stops and attempt to negotiate maneuvering. LOL :weary:

:hushed: I can’t imagine coping with such arctic conditions…So far this Winter (UK 2022) we’ve had a bit of ice to contend with, and that was challenging enough… I keep thinking…roll on Spring and Summer :wink: