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I signed up on line to get all my medical information on line and what I discovered was very interesting.

15 years ago my symptoms started and would come and go, with full recovery periods in between. When I saw a movement specialist in 2002 it was said I had disease, which is basically involuntary movements, tremors, parkinsons like symptoms.That disease, I found out, is well known sign, with symptoms, of degenerative Ataxia.

In 2000 I had an MRI. I was experiencing poor balance and other confusing symptoms. The MRI showed the Cerebellum was distorted. The Neurologist at that time gave me no other information apart from saying ‘you’ll just have to learn to live with it’.

In 2011, following falls, I had another MRI. This time it was a different Neurologist, and I was diagnosed with SCA.

the dsease that found in 2002 was called extrapyramidal diease

I am not sure why computer didn't recognize the word when I put it in

now with my MRI, it shows abnormal enhancement in the left cerebral hemisphere, with a second enhancement in the mid line peduncle. The differential diagnoses is neoplasm, but they out ruled cancer. Every MRI I have had shows deep white matter multi focal,diagnosed as unknown.I have seen 4 neurologist since 2001, all of them are unsure, except my current neurologist is ordering ataxia blood work

I also had a spinal tap done in sept, no lesions or cancer

I am beginning to wonder if I have MS. I think ataxia is a symptom of MS

Did you spinal tap look for MS things? Usually MS lesions are pretty distinguishable on an MRI. My neurologist told me I'm lucky I don't have MS. It didn't seem that way given my symptoms, but I now think I am.

nothing showed on the spinal tap, iv heard stories of clean mris and spinal tap and ms symptoms, then ms is present later in life

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I have, among other things, intention tremor and when I close my eyes my balance is worse when standing.I also have a weird sensation of water running down my leg. I heard that is another symptom of ms

Teresa it does seem like MS the way your describing the brain MRI.

Well right now doctors are looking inherited ataxia, my brother has the same symptoms and even had DBS for his tremors. I saw an eye doctor probably 20 years ago who asked me if I was checked for MS.That was just from an eye exam, before I had experienced any symptoms at all.

Did the eye doctor tell you why he asked if you were checked for MS? Did something on the exam indicate that?

Also, none of us is a neurologist so we don't know how to interpret scans. If a neurologist says MS, then it's more likely, but if they say not, I don't think we should try to self diagnose. I've been there and it is frustrating and fruitless without the medical knowledge.

To tell you the truth the doctors sometimes know less than we do. In large hospitals the primary doctor are usually not the best but may have the better specialists. There has to be a reason it takes so many years to finally get a diagnosis. Some doctors you go to sometimes matter of fact will say what you have wrong when they are not the specialist in the ailment. I think some hospitals hire the cheapest doctors for you primary care and then his job is to be able to spot when you need to go to a specialist. Many primary docs will just blow you off if they don't know what is wrong. So studying about your ailments can be important.

I agree