Hi Everyone. I am a victim of Spino cerebellar ataxia 14 (sca 14). I have just had a DAT scan done but I do not know what it is for. Does anyone out there know what they are for? I have read it is to see if someone has Parkinson's disease.But why would they be looking for that if I have SCA 14? It is very confusing. I will be seeing my neuro next month and hope he knows. If anyone has any data on it I would be very grateful. Thanks Fran

I believe Parkinson’s disease is very similar to Ataxia but I might be wrong.

The symptoms of many movement / Neurological disorders DO overlap.

I have attended many a meeting/conference and been surprised how many symptoms are shared, (I do think that we must all share information, as WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER

I also thought Parkinson's is similar to Ataxia. That was one of the reasons I had to do my first MRI. To rule out MS and Parkinson's.

My father had early onset Parkinson's.It was a fear with me but I think it was a red herring.I have CA and although there are similarities Parkinson's movements are different to mine and have a different cause.I think Parkinson's is something to do with neurotransmitters and a chemical called dopamine. As I understand it with me I have intention tremors,loss of mobility and speech.There is a lot of cross over between the various neurological diseases and I think they diagnose us by a process of elimination.My Neurologist said he thought maybe mine could be MSA - Cerebellar rather than the Parkinson variety.

The good news was there were no lesions and no genetic links.Good news for my children that is.

Dad certainly didn't have problems with speech and his oscillated between being able to move and pushing his own wheelchair to dribbling and not being able to move any muscles at all.It was a bit embarrassing for me when I had him to stay.Now I know the importance of dignity.

I don't know much about Parkinson 's, only did research on Spino cerebellar ataxia (all types). As I understand it, Parkinson's is associated with voluntary tremors where ataxia is associated with involuntary tremors.

Will post more as I learn more

Are you certain you didn't have a CAT scan? I've never hears of a DAT scan, although there's many "medical" tests I've never heard of. Anyway, I have no idea why you had this scan. It would be best to talk with your neurologist about it.;o)

Hi Rose, It was definitely called a DAT scan. They had to fly in a nuclear injection from Holland or Denmark to give me. I then had to wait 4 to 5 hours for it to circulate my brain. Then they scanned me for about 35-40 minutes. I think they might have found a brain. Ha Ha!! I'm delighted. Thanks

Thanks for the info, Fran the man! Who knew? Guess I'm never to young to learn something new...,ha! I also appreciate your sense of humor! Thanks for making me laugh...,LOL!