Parkinsons, etc..?

Any other have their Docs explore parkinsons?

I am too busy with my own questions, to deal with Parkinson's. I am sure my dr., a prbut of of neurology, knows a great deal about P. My mom has this (mildly) bu.t she is in NYC and gets good care

No but a few members of my local support group have. MS and Parkinsons are usually ruled out before a diagnosis of ataxia is given.

I was told I have cerebellar degeneration which is now known as cerebellar ataxia.

Symptoms of many neurological conditions can be very similar.


My neuro did. He ordered a dat scan which I took last Feburary.

Dad had early onset Parkinsons.I grew up with it but our movements are different.My Cerebellar Ataxia is loss of balance and our movements while having some elements in common because it Neurological are very different.

I think the genetic link was a red herring but I probably inherited a weakness.

Dad had a lot of pain and his muscles seized up which could only be alleviated by crude medication.

Conseqenltly he spoke of on /off moments.

I am the same all the time.No balance no speech and intention tremors.Not tremors at rest,or pill rolling movements characteristic of Parkinsons.Different disease,different cause and our CA onlyy affects one part of the brain.

Parkisons is caused by faullty transmitters .