I use an iPad for entertainment
I use a stand to hold it this mean I can
Read from the iPad without touching it!!

A fab device for ataxians as all tablet pc’s would be
The stand means it is steady


Love my iPad and I use a portfolio type stand as well. I appreciate that I can read or watch video hands free as my hands have been affected by my ataxia. I also love the fact that it is back lit; excellent for my weary eyes! Highly recommend!

Changed from laptop to computer as my hands wobbled off the keyboard.Think Pad is good for Ataxians.

Long sighted so can see the tv but have to use reading glasses for close up work.Adds to my difficulties wiith Ataxia but am embracing modern technology to help.

I'm fortunate in that I have, in the past, had some 'disposable income' so to say. I worked hard and spent a fair chunk of my hard earn pennies on my hobby / passion / obsession - technology / computing!

I have built up a very nice entertainment system including a powerful PC, laptop and other things. In truth though and as much as I dislike 'Apple' products in general, my iPad has been a fantastic device for me.

Do I have problems with the touch features of the iPad? Yes! My unsteady hands are not great with touch devices.

Do I find it hard to play iPad games that rely on the 'tilt' or 'swivel' iPad features? Yes! Again, I have my unsteady hands and lack of coordination to thank for that.

The thing is, the iPad is light and easy to carry around; I used to frequently visit my sister in Germany and the iPad is much easier to travel with than my laptop. There are many useful 'apps' for the iPad, much available music and movies and fairly easy access to wireless networks that make getting online for surfing or email checking a doddle while out and about (usually). Further, the iPad serves as my electonic book and I do a small amount of writing on the iPad (bluetooth key board helps) using an officeprogram.

All in all, I find the iPad much better as a travelling companion than my laptop! Sure, my laptop can do certain things that the iPad cannot and / or some things done on the laptop just would not work well on the iPad but the iPad is just right for the things I do with it!

I have an iPad stand with a tilt and turn holder too and this really is good to use as it means I can go hands free for reading and such (a quick swipe turns the page etc).

I never thought I would ever sing the praises of any 'Apple' product but, with my iPad in mind, I just cannot help myself!

There are plenty of other 'tablets' available that would be good for ataxians (and those that are not affected by our 'condition'). I can recomend the cheap(ish) 'Kindle fire HD' - it is a lot cheaper than the iPad and does a lot of the things the iPad can.

My mum has a 'Kindle' (Fire HD) that I set up for her and transfered some (bought) music to for her, a movie or two and a few free .pdf books. The 'Kindle' machine is very much a sales device - full of advertising and sales pithces though. That said, a little lateral thinking about how to put entertainment items on the 'Kindle' can show great results (I advise keeping it legal though)! There are loads of free 'apps' for the kindle too and some versions support WiFi!

So! Yeah, a 'tablet' PC / mobile device can be great for anyone, including and maybe especially ataxians.

I have been using an iPad for several months, am learning new functions slowly but steadily. Don't know how to swivel or tilt yet, haha! It has been an amazing aid, even laptop is too cumbersome. What do you use for word processing? And what is the best way to set audio and visual reminders, for instance, doctor visits, or sports games?

I lost ability to swivel
And tilt long ago!!
But as a great apple fan highly
Recommend it.

I have an iPad. I don't really use it for entertainment. I prefer to use my computer because of the bigger screen and a larger TV. I have downloaded an app for my iPad to talk for me when the time comes, called Verbally. Wondering if an iPad mini will be easier to carry.

Having trouble reading these days. Instead, I listen to audio books on my iPod Nano.