I use an iPad for entertainment
I use a stand to hold it this mean I can
Read from the iPad without touching it!!

A fab device for ataxians as all tablet pc’s would be
The stand means it is steady


Hi Bernard,

I have an IPad also. I love mine it's so portable and I love that I can talk to it and it types for me so I don't have to (most of the time Suri gets it right :0) ) I did get an external roll up keyboard that connects to it that has bigger keys in case I need to add something etc. I think of the keyboard as finger exercizes everyday! :0)

Do you have any apps that you think are good to share? I'm always looking for new things to try. I think they are good for the brain. :0)

Try MemTrax in Apple store

I use to have a laptop,which was stolen.gave me chance to try ipad so much easier on my fingers and good for hand co- ordination. But when I get tired I make lots of misstakkess lol

Mistakes are easily rectfied
By a spelling verifier
Ps this email took 30 mins to write!!

Thanks know the feeling about amount of time it takes to write things. I also alternate between 2 fingers because of cramp and tiredness. I use to type and it fascinates me watching how easy normal people do it.myr attaaempt jajajtrjrttasd No stick to 2fingers for now lol