Joint pain with ataxia?

I've been told the reason behind our pain having ataxia stems from using our body a bit differently putting more weight in different area's etc. That is why stretching helps build those area's up and get oxygen to them also.

I believe that.

I had an osteo chondroma removed from my right wrist 3 years ago. The pain has started up again and Dr’s believe it has returned, but when I started getting the same pain in my other wrist they say it may be carpal tunnel in both plus a chondroma (its like a boney non cancerous tumor) in the right! My knees ache and I have had chronic neck and lower back pain for the last ten years which cause my shoulders and hips to hurt too. I am just going through genetic testing to see if I have inherited my late dad’s unexplained Ataxia, when I look at how similar my symptoms are to many others on here I’m pretty certain its just a matter of time before I am diagnosed.