Have any of you had knee injuries?

I fell about a month ago, and sprained one of the ligaments on the side of my knee. I have been going to PT. and it is not improving the way it should. I had an MRI to check for tearing of the cartilage and the ligaments inside my knee.

Does anybody have experience with this?

Yes it takes along time to heal. Very long. And your right PT does not know about ataxia. They know Parkinson's. But not ataxia. I get upset when they don't take the little bit of time to look it up on the computer. But yes. If everything checks out okay. I used a lot of ice because it did take so long..

In august 2011 I had torn ligaments in my knee and had physio every week for 4 months when due to my physio moving on I got a new physio. After two weeks she asked if she could try acupuncture (she was trained in it and it was free on the NHS). I wasnt getting any better so I said ok.. Even after the first session it felt a lot better. In all I had a 1/2 hour session a week for six weeks and although I did not regained total movement in bending my leg fully I would recomend this. Most of the movement returned and the pain went. So if you are up for it give this a try it worked for me.

Hi Bella - My left knee locks when straightened, and both knees are “crunchy” when I bend them. I’m thinking that the crunchiness is from worn ligament???

Knee issues are genetic in my family; and although I haven’t had surgery or PT (specifically for them, anyway), I’m thinking that I probably will have more PT, specifically for the knee(s).

You’re certainly not alone in the knee department.

Hi Glitter on butterfly,
Get the crunchiness (medical name is crepitus) checked out to see if it is harmless or a warning of troubles to come. I had this in my wrist with a lot of pain after overdoing it one afternoon kayaking ( when I still could). A shot of cortisone and rest did the trick. Now I have it in one knee. No pain, but I think something is brewing. I need to get it checked too. I think that stretching and strengthening will help, but it could be cartilage wearing off. Yuk ! After running for 35 years, I would not be surprised.

I have found from my own experience that with some injuries ( totally unrelated to ataxia, ) that PT made me feel worst, and that sometimes, rest is the best remedy.
This my non medical opinion.

Years ago ( I'm 59 years young) when I was in junior high a tore the inside cartilage in my left knee doing a flip in gymnastics class. I had it removed by an orthopedic surgeon, and have a 6 inch scar. Since I was diagnosed with ataxia 10 years ago, the past few years I've had some problems with it. It goes out of joint (have to snap it back in) and I have some discomfort/pain (probably arthritis). I intend to see an ortho-doc about it. Anyway, my husband was having some problems with one knee (he's a skier and had previously injured his knee, causing the cartilage to be chewed up, and had bone on bone problems). He had gel shots (a series of five, one per week) and has had no trouble for over a year now. Hope you get to the bottom of your knee problems Bella! As others have said, it can take a long time for knee problems to resolve! ;o)

I have no Knee injury,but suffer from constant knee buckling, especially my right knee and also my left. The PT is helping me and slight stability has crept in after 5 months. I need to think too much to walk! I also resort to Accupuncture and it helps me too in relieving knee pain, buckling and stability.

I am not aware of having a knee injury but am plagued with pains in both knees stabbing, not to mention pains intermittently in my legs. My GP tells me it is nerve pain and has put me in for Physiotherapy but nothing works. The only thing that helps a bit is cold compresses from the freezer left on the knees for 15 minutes at a time. I guess like every other pain and discomfort it is all part of Living with Ataxia, but it's not very encouraging for you, and I hope you find something to ease the pain.

Lisa1949, Has your doctor mentioned anything about arthritis? I had it really bad in my knee's and back. The med's help so much. Before I always was in pain. And now that I have been on them for so long. I do not take them everyday. Just my opinion.

I count myself very lucky after reading these posts. I have fallen numerous times and haven't broken anything (touch wood) I feel so sorry for all of you who have broken any bones .I am going to be more careful from now on. Stay safe everyone.

Yes Bron, I fell last November and hairline fractured my pelvis...,I'm just saying! Very painful!!! I'm extra, extra careful now, as I don't fall as "gracefully" as I once did...,ha!