Last 3years

over the last 3 year’s progression has been rapid and I can’t help to think that it’s all mental. So don’t let this disability consume our lives. I have noticed that it makes one lazy,at that point ur mental should take over’…how do u feel?’.I’m on my way to the gym. KEEP LIVING YOUR LIFE

Very true.. it can be so difficult to motivate yourself. It's a catch 22 situation where you need to be positive to motivate yourself but fatigue pulls you down causing depression which makes it even more difficult,

It does help to keep in touch with this forum ,,, thanks.


Terry - If I interpretted this correctly, I’m sorry that you feel that this is all mental and that it makes one lazy. I happen to feel differently; however, I guess that’s where the whole “variety is the spice of life” comes into play.

I definitely believe that whatever you choose to feed your head with will impact how a person sees something.

I agree with you 100% that focussing on what you can do vs. what you can no longer do will help.

Some days, I have all kinds of energy, and other days, I don't want to do anything. But, I have found that if I take a nice bike ride, it gives me more energy to get me through most of the day!! It works for ME! Have a great day, everyone!

It very much depends on the type and severity of Cerebellar Ataxia that a person has,

as to what they are capable of, or even feel like doing. On a good day, with the wind

blowing in the right direction, positive thinking can make all the difference.

I live in a small town, so it lifts my spirits, and makes me feel positive because when I am on my bike (it's actually a trike) I see all kinds of people that I know, and they are always tooting their horn and waving, and giving me the "Thumbs UP"!!

Attitude is everything! A positive attitude enables us to quit wasting energy on a force we cannot control and find other ways to deal with it. I have SCA2, but it doesn’t have me!

Letting the knowledge rule my head instead OF the feelings day to day seems to help me. In reading positive books and keeping myself working on keeping at bay helps, along with working at keeping only positive people around me helps me stay out of my head.

Future tripping doesn't seem to help me or my ataxia so I won't allow myself to go there (I cant afford that luxury to not stay on top of it for one day or it can seep in).

If you can’t do it today don’t
Try again tomorrowi

Acceptance of my situation and doing what I can works for me. Swimming against current can be exhausting, so I take it easy. I am not giving up. I don’t push too hard anymore, because it does not help me. The more I do, the more tired I get and it takes me days to recuperate.

Acceptance is uplifting, it really helps you move forward, no pun intended. I do have down days

where as Jeannie puts it 'I spend too much time in my head'. But now I think 'seize the day' as

much as I can!

So true Beryl acceptance is a big part

I fail to see how acceptance is part of anything. This is real (I mean the condition )not some fruity mental thing. The bruises from falling are not imaginary, right?

Acceptance does not mean that we think this condition is not real. For me at least it means that I have accepted the fact that because of this condition, I cannot run every morning like I used to for the last 35 years. It does not mean that I have given up, but trying to run ( which I have tried holding my husband’s hand) is really a lost battle which could end up with broken bones or worst. So instead, I walk, not very far, but I walk.
No, your bruises are not imaginary, but by accepting that you cannot do what you could and trying what you can, you might be able to find ways to prevent those falls, either with a walker, a cane or just holding someone’s hand…
Acceptance has brought me more peace than the fight I see some people putting up, not just for ataxia or any medical condition, but for some unpleasant life situations.
If fighting gives you results, go for it, but if it does not, then it is a waste of physical and mental energy that will take you nowhere, but to the point of exhaustion.

Also, a good sense of humor does not hurt… Just my opinion.