Keep going

Hi All,

Wanted to send out a positive message to try and help those feeling frustrated with their life. I was diagnosed with FA at 11, now at 28, I live on my own in London and have worked in IT for an investment bank for 7 years, and got promoted earlier this year. Looking back, would say the key was to have something positive in my life to concentrate on and to do all I can to keep it in my life. With that in mind, its surprising what you can achieve. It doesn't matter what your goal is, big or small, it just keeps you going. Then when you look back, you surprise yourself at what you have achieved and take confidence/positivity about the future.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Dave, your words really inspired me. I thought of resigning and take rest after having ataxia. Now, I do not resign and continue my job. Also I have many negative feelings to drive though I am driving daily and forced to drive. I now get positive feelings to drive.

Hi Dave!

Sound positive thinking. Thank you.

Good outlook, I took up painting watercolors again (after 10 years of not doing) and love it, taking classes and learning much, my paintings have gotten better and gets my mind off me.

You are so right Dave! Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts! ;o)

Beauty, Dave.