Leg Cramps and Ataxia

Just when I am falling asleep my legs and feet start to cramp up. I was told that it is Magnesium lacking in your body. Natural Calm Magnesium powder was recommended. Before bedtime, take 1 teaspoon with 8oz warm or cold water. It will fizz up when you stir. Drink immediately. IT WORKS. I have been taking every night for 1 week, my Physical Therapist recommended it.

I found it at The Vitamin Shoppe. LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the tip Suzi!!! I have such a bad time with leg cramps and muscle spasms at bed time that I really haven’t been sleeping much. I’ll be picking this up tomorrow and giving it a try!
PS- I’m from MA as well, if you ever want to chat.

I was also taking gel caps of magnesium every night and it did work. But my Neurologist told me to stop. Here is a link to side effects from WebMd.Reading these I realized I had some of these.