New cramps!

I am having cramps at night that cause my feet soles to face each other. It is very painful and hard to walk it out. Anyone else experienced this?

Hi Doodle Bug,
Yes I sometimes get spasms mainly in my right foot, it curls inwards and very painful, am unable to straighten it i just have to let it pass. Quinine 30mg helps with cramps but sounds like you have spasms, not sure the medication for this. I take 600mg a day Pregabalin/ Lyrics for peripheral neuropathy maybe that’s why i get the spasm sometimes. I have FA.

I get cramps in the soles of my feet at night and I find that taking Vitamin B helps.

I used to get calf and foot cramps. I looked it up on google and found that more potassium in your diet can help and lowering your sodium. May not solve all your problems but worth looking up and having a read :)

I, also am experiencing this with the last year. It happens when I am laying down in bed. It mostly occurs in the arch of my foot, and also in the muscles in the lower part of my leg when I go to stretch. There is nothing more painful, but when I catch it early enough, I seem to work it out, and yes they say you need more potassium in your diet, but I eat a lot of tomatoes, and take a lot of Vitamin B, and lately have been adding potatoes to my diet. I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but I don't use salt, and avoid processed, and canned foods. I hope this helps with yours! Take care, it is a daily struggle to just make a go of it, and try to be as productive as possible. Jenny

I use foot night splints to keep my foot at a better angle to my calf.

Works for me, my Neuro was surprised by my remedy.

My Podiatrist suggested them. Have to be happy with the result