Girlfriend gone

So I’ve been dumped after a two relationship with an amazing women. I knew we were in a funk and my anger and emotions got the best of me at times. I knew There were issues and I was working on that with conciling. I had just realized how I was pushing her away. And ideas how to better myself. I feel like I was blinded by the fact I thought we were together for the long haul. Kids and marriage were being talked about instead of working on our relationship. I feel so bad the way I acted and feel like I’d go back and change anything for another chance…

:slightly_smiling_face: Hi Pat, it’s hard when you’re married too, emotion, anger and frustration due to ataxia often get in the way and take a toll on a relationship. We all realise we have issues with these things, but actually overcoming and getting control is something else. Is there anyone who could act as an intermediary on your behalf, maybe defuse the situation :thinking:

I’m sorry to say that she let me know she doesn’t want to settle for less.

She is no longer willing to work with me on a relationship. We need space and time. She needs to focus on her self. And open to a friendship in the future. Idk if that will work but I feel like I’ll need all the friends and support I can have…

I’ve written this in another thread but I just know that Ataxia keeps giving and giving no matter what your situation is. The best we can do is to take it one day at a time and just accept other folks as we want them to take us.

It’s my opinion. I think that the psychological problems arising from Ataxia are more devastating than the physical part. Healthy folks can see the physical part but are just unaware of the other side. You may not be depressed but it hurts just as much.

Pat, I agree with Chas 100%. I believe from talking to other Ataxian’s that the majority of my issues are beyond physical and are largely due to Mental Health. I have been seeing a Psychologist for 3 years and finally sharing one on one with other Ataxian’s. It really helps me. Best of luck. Gregg