Hi all,
I’m currently taking magnesium for fatigue, I take it in the morning. I’ve read on here about it helping sleep. When should I be taking it? Morning or evening.

Thanks in advance

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:thinking: Assuming it won’t cause a reaction with any other meds’…

What is the best time to take magnesium? If you plan on using magnesium supplements as a sleep aid, we recommend taking it 1-2 hours before heading to bed. Consider adding magnesium to your sleep routine.17 May 2021

I second on what Beryl said! I take 2 pills of Magnesium 400 mg and I combine them with 2 pills of Calcium 250 mg. Both at dinner time.

I take 400 mg of magnesium at around 7:30 every night.

I am now taking mine at bedtime and it has relieved night cramps. The daytime muscle burn hasn’t returned so seems good plan.

Hi Patsy
Thanks, fortunately I don’t suffer with cramps. I used to get bad calf cramps as a child, my dad used to say it was growing pains although I’m not so sure🤔. I’ll look forward to those in the future…

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