Medical Marijuana CBD version

Does anyone have any experience using medical marijuana particularly CBD.

I saw a documentary on PBS which explored its many uses including the treatment of neuropathy. Clinical trials are too sparse to confirm benefits and harms but anecdotal evidence would indicate that it does help many people.

Any thoughts or personal experience?

:slightly_smiling_face: I’m not prescribed ‘medical CBD’, but I have been taking CBD for pain relief, I take this sublingually at night.
The type I use has 66mg CBD v 1ml Oil.
Initially I did notice considerable pain relief, but at the moment it can be variable. It may be that the dose needs increasing…

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As with any medication, for some people it can be the wonder drug and yet for others it’s benefits can be minimal. I started out using a CBD oil but was not getting any benefit. I was then trialled on a CBD/THC oil. The oil takes time to be processed via the liver, when I need it I need it NOW, not in 2hrs time and for this reason the prescribing dr recommended a THC/CBD flower. I have found this to be beneficial for me.

It really can be a very individual thing. Within the flower there are many other cannabinoids other than solely CBD and THC, is it one of them that works for me… I’m unsure. It really can be a case of trial and error to work out which benefits you the most. I now have a bit of a variety of flower prescribed so I can mix’n’match to meet my needs.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

I have not taken it myself, but my husband tried it for awhile for back pain. He said you have to rotate off of it for it to stay effective. Otherwise, yes, you would have to constantly up the dose and even then it may not work as well.

Note: It works really well for pets too, especially cats, who have few pain management options.

:slightly_smiling_face: A friend obtained it for her dog who had Epilepsy, it gave much needed relief.

I would like to thank all of you for responding to my post.

The PBS documentary demonstrated improvement in gait disorders in many of those with neuropathy induced balance problems from illness or accident. None of the cases shown involved Ataxia and were observational only.

Much research remains to be done; I was hoping that some of those participating in this forum might have had some experience using CBD to correct or improve balance issues.

The next time I see my neurologist I will raise this matter although given the lack of evidence I doubt that he will have much to add.

I haven’t seen him in a few years now as the progress of my Ataxia is extremely slow and I don’t want to make a futile visit or take time from those with greater need.

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