Medical marijuana for spasticity/pain

Has anybody tried this? My leg is so tight and it really hurts I'm wondering if marijuana will help... any advice?

I found that it helped with headaches and nausea, without a doubt. I think there is no reason why you should not at least try it and see. It has also helped me with the anxiety but if I smoked too much it actually made the anxiety worse. It helped with sleep also. Again, remember you are smoking it for whatever help it might give you, not to get wasted. It might actually help you in a smaller dose than you expect. Keep that in mind and experiment with dosage, also try different strains. Some might help you more. Not only different strains but Sativa VS. I cannot remember the other name. Indigo? Something like that.

Everyone is different and I did not notice the spasticity(SP) being affected but that was not my foremost concern so it might have.Cold really affects me that way. Try to keep warm, either your indoor temp or blankets and warm clothes.

In my experience Marijuana works very well for spasticity/pain, I was diagnosed with SCA8 recently and it has made a huge improvement to my life, it helps with the tremor to but it affects everyone differently.

Btw it's indica not Indigo

just fyi

I also use cannabis but I use for relaxing and sleep.

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may seem an odd question but... where do you get it from (I belive you can get a mdicinal non high!! form) and whar form is it in ?

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They prescribe a cannabis pill, in the states it has one name and in Canada I think it is called nabilone I was prescribed it once and never could tell if it was doing anything for me so I never used it again. I believe it was just too weak. I forget the name of the med I took but the cost was about $600 a month. I currently have a woman who supplies me with edible cannabis for about $150 and I can get decent sleep with her cookies. In my state of California medical cannabis is legal but you can have problems with HMO and doctors denying you drugs they think you need because of their fear of the drug. You are really considered a drug addict by doctors and hospitals who are ignorant and untrained in its use.

Would love to use medical marijuana but can't because I live in a federally subsidized apartment and they say I will get evicted if I do!!!!

If you need cannabis for any reason you should just try it to see if it does help. You can take it in different forms so they cannot know if you are using it or not. Edible cannabis wont alert anyone but a smokeable will. I do smoke sometimes now but not too often. When you see videos of the sick in San Francisco sitting in a circle and passing a joint it does not help the sick who need it. Too many are given recommendation for nothing but the $40 the doctor wants I believe.

Sam Kasirer said:

Btw it's indica not Indigo

just fyi

Thanks dude, I know that I just blank on things when I NEED to know something. Indigo is as close as my brain would get at that moment. Reminds me of an old Cheech & Chong thing where Tommy Chong was rebutting an argument stating that marijuana makes your memory bad, he states "I just wanted to say...I forgot what I was gonna say man!" And just FYI for anybody reading this, I have not had any marijuana for a year or more. It is the Ataxia that has my brain screwed up.

It will help you get stoned

In my state, New York, medical marijuana, was approved by the governor for certain illnesses, but not for Ataxia. It was approved for every other degenerative brain disease you can think of, but just not Ataxia. How do you like them apples!!

Marijuana affects your balance. Just what you don't want with Ataxia. The governor was correct in his call

Cannibis protects the brain against disease and slows down cell death in the brain. Cannibis is a good treatment for many degenerative diseases, including degenerative ataxia’s. I have been diagnosed with an unknown SCA and can explain the pros and cons of how cannibis works for myself.

Slows down disease progression
Helps a lot with cervical dystonia (almost by 80-90%)
Helps with restless leg syndrome
Stops nausea
Helps with my balance
Helps headaches

Makes me tired
I will eat to much
My alertness/awareness is altered

When it comes to using cannibis for treatment it is best to weigh out the pros and cons. It may not be right for everyone and just wanted to share my thoughts, views and experience with cerebellar ataxia and cannibis.

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wow and thanks YOU , i will be telling my Dr, about this

Thanks you so much


Cbd Strains are the ones you want if you dont want to get high, As far as I know there is not much research about the effects of Marijuana for ataxia patients, In my years I have found that smoking weed has made a tremendous improvement to my life, My Hands have not been this steady in 8 fuckin' years, I think that that is a clear example, That weed is GOOD

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Eric said:

Marijuana affects your balance. Just what you don't want with Ataxia. The governor was correct in his call

What makes it affect balance, my pot does not.

If it helps, why not?

If you dig around on the net enough you will find quite a bit of info on this subject. I have SCA1 and have just started trying an oil produced by a "reputable" lady. Unfortunately it gave me a very uncomfortable high and I stopped taking it. I have subsequently been in contact with a gentlemen that that also has SCA and he suggested an oil with a higher CBD content is of more benefit to Attaxians (and apparently doesnt give you the highs). Im going to see if I can get my contact to try this new mix type and see what it does. Ill post back here on my findings.