Ataxia and CBD oil

I am recently diagnosed with Ataxia. On the internet I found that CBD oil might help. Anybody has experience with it?

From what I hear, it does nothing for Ataxia.

Doesn’t it help regenerate some cells?

I’ve been taking CBD Oil for a couple of years…mainly to help alleviate pain. It doesn’t block pain completely, just makes it bearable, but I prefer it to prescribed medication.

CBD does not change ataxia, it will not halt or cure.

I feel it also relaxes me, which helps me to sleep. I use drops sublingually before bed.

There are so many options available, many OTC types have low content and are often useless. It’s worth doing research, and be aware that it can be expensive.

Hey Yaz,
It seems that for some patients there is a reported benefit, for some there is not. The science behind the cannabis plant and it’s varying cannabinoids is not well understood, because for many years it’s was deemed to be of ‘no medical benefit’, the science behind the study of cannabis was restricted. The U.N. had it classed as a dangerous drug of dependence, same as heroin.

Because each plant has varying levels of differing cannabinoids (100’s), trying to find a specific strain to meet your needs can be a case of trial and error. CBD is one of those cannabinoids. There are specific strains which are high in CBD or that CBD component can be extracted and isolated. One benefit of CBD oil is that there is no THC. It’s the THC that gets people stoned. CBD does not have this effect.

Yes, there are some ‘reported’ neuro-regenerative properities within cannabis, but which substances improve which properties can be very individual, again.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Tried CBD oil for 8 months, unfortunately no improvement.

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:slightly_smiling_face: This is interesting news in the UK…