Muscle Pain With FA

Similar to Cher's discussion, just wanted to ask if anyone with FA experiences muscle pain?

I have ataxia, although not FA. I do have some muscle pain, and my theory is I have it because of the way I use my muscles to do anything. They get extremely stiff and spasm, as just to walk (I use a cane), they tend to tighten up just to keep myself upright. My balance is really bad, as well as my arm/hand dexterity. I find exercises for strength/balance, as well as doing some stretches daily helps me. There may be medications available to help you also, although as a rule (very occasionally over-the-counter pain relievers), I don't take anything. At one time my neurologist prescribed Baclofen (for muscle tightness/spasms), but it made me even more tired than I already am...,ha! Hopefully others will respond (with FA) and give you advice. Beyond that, I'd talk to your doctor. My best to you...,;o)

Hi serenity i find that chia seeds help me a lot with muscle and cronic pain.having tried all the usual drugs that the doctors dish out, good luck frank'o


I have Ataxia unknown cause, I use SBC Arnica Gel available from QVC or Ebay for any daily pain. My pain builds up so I take Diazepam 5mg every 10 - 14 days so I can get a restful nights sleep and it does reset the pain.......for me. Everybody is different so please don't give up. tai chi I found is great for balance so is playing the xbox kinect just find something you enjoy.


Thanks Sarah, for the "balance" info regarding Tai Chi and Xbox Connect! I do yoga moves at home, and find that to be helpful for balance also. Also, thanks for the advice on chia seeds Franko. I do mix some into my yogurt. ;o)