Muscle Relaxants

Robax platinum
Today I took one pill of R P to ease my back pain. Shortly after I became weak and woozy and had even more trouble walking than ever. I had to lay down. I have used this product for years for chronic back pain without much problem. I think it may be the muscle relaxant which is one of the ingredients.
Any comments anyone?

A few weeks ago I asked for botox trial to see if it helped my neck spasms thay are getting a bit painful at night and I was given a script for a muscle relaxant and ended up in the emergency room. I was told it was gall stones and released with an appointment with the gallstone surgeon. I took another pill the next morning and ended up sick again so I quit the relaxants and when I went to the surgeon he sent me home. so no help with this or a lot of other problems I have had in the last year. It seems when you get older your more a pain in the butt so you don’t get full treatment any more. No more prostate tests. no night sweats check up no neck spasms check no nothing I guess.

Spams/stiffness in my right arm and shoulder are waking me during the night🙄 I keep putting off a visit to my GP, mostly they suggest paracetamol😳
But, on which is the National Ataxia Foundation, there’s a Fact Sheet of Medications for Ataxia Symptoms, including suggestions for spasms and stiffness. My doctor needs to see this🙂xB

Hi Beryl
I can’t find medications in Any further info?

Hi, Cindy

Seenie from Moderator Support here. I knew you were Canadian as soon as you mentioned Robax…! Did you know that Canada is one of the only countries that allows muscle relaxants like this to sold over the counter? That’s probably why it’s not listen in the .org site, which is probably American.

We have two OTC muscle relaxants here: Robax… products (methocarbamol) and Orfenace (orphenadrine). The latter is hard to find, but I actually prefer it for back pain and the spasms that come with my psoriatic arthritis.

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Hi Cindy​:blush: On the home page, see the blue boxes and click on the first one Ataxia FAQS. On the next page, look down on the left and click on ‘Download our Ataxia Fact Sheets’. Scroll down to Medications for Ataxia Symptoms :slightly_smiling_face:
Alternately, on the home page scroll down looking on the left of the page until you see the box ‘Download our Ataxia Fact Sheets’ :slightly_smiling_face:xB

I take tazanadine/zanaflex. No problems so far been on them for 3 years