Muscle shaking

Lately, my muscles shaking have been much better, almost gone. Until this morning. We had our first snow fall. I was worried it would be slippery too. I have been using a cane to help. My muscle shakes/jumps got so bad I almost could not walk 25 feet across the parking lot. Then when I got in front door at work there was an alarm issue. I knew the code so no big deal. I started shaking so bad I could not walk to my classroom 100 feet away. I finally got to my desk and I am still shaking. Does minor stress do this to anyone else?

My tremors/ shakes definitely are worse when I’m under stress. I don’t have constant tremors so really notice it, as does my husband who is usually hanging onto me. Sometimes I forget about the sca…and then I stand up! Even my fingers have started trembling when I’m trying to hold a button down . Could be worse…but scary!