My knees are starting to hurt

This sounds like a sign to losing strength in your legs. My knees are starting to hurt and sitting for a long time makes them weak. I was diagnosed with SCA7 in December of last year. I’m not sure about the rate of progression or anything if this happens in stages or just randomly. Is anyone else going through this?

ALL ataxias - give you what symptoms it wants, progresses at whatever rate it wants and can be hereditary or idiopathic.

I would recommend physical therapy and any form of exercise. Movement seems to help. Physical therapists may be able to work with you to see what works. There is no standard of treatment.

This website is a great resource to ask questions or just to vent.

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Thank you… i just started back my physical therapy with an actual neuro therapist. Her therapy seems to be exaxtly what me and my muscles need.

Therapy does seem to help some.O also take gapentin .But my ataxia has always made my legs hurt

Fingers crossed for therapy. And not knowing how this disease progresses is frustrating seeing as how i was just diagnosed last year. It feels like i really dont know abything sometimes. But anyway the knees hurting seems like a fairly new symptom i will make a mental note of it.

My Was finally diagnosed in 2014.But have had symptoms since 1987.Eyes started then.And has progressed with legs and falling,dropping things,swallowing slurred speech at times.

Yes thats pretty much what happened with me. My eyes were always bad but around 2010 they got worse. As far as the test of my life it seems like I’ve always had problems moving and having tremors.