National Ataxia Foundation 60th Annual Ataxia Conference

National Ataxia Foundation
60th Annual Ataxia Conference

San Antonio, Texas

March 10 - 12

All the information for education, information, networking, friendships and FUN can be seen at

After the conference a few members have coordinated a trip to the *** fully accessible ***

Alan, I’d like to go there just to warm up at the moment​:wink: According to ‘Alexa’ it’s 2c here :expressionless:

If Brian’s work commitments permit, see you there in March​:+1::blush:xB

It would be FANTASTIC to see you.

this would be my fifth encounter and it is an EXCELLENT occasion, the friendly welcome and education is really good.

(I am one of the 2 coordinators of the trip !!)

I would like to attend and finally meet you both in person, Alan and Beryl. I live one hour away from San Antonio!!

I was hoping to attend Orlando, better luck this time😊xB

Great news if we can all meet up

I am well known by the NAF attendees (in a good way !)

the venue is excellent by the riverwalk, food outlets, plenty to do and see.

the trip to Morgans on the Sunday looks exciting (the park is fully accessible)

I and another attendee have co ordinated this

Alan and Beryl,

I just spoke with the Executive Director and the special events coordinator at NAF. Looks like we’re all set for a booth to let everyone know about our community.

I’ll man the booth, but anyone on LWA is more than welcome to join me for as long as you like.


:blush::+1:Hope to see you both​:blush:xB

Wonderful news :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Will be great to see us together

I will be there with another “hat” on.

Last year’s conference dinner I sat and chatted with Joel :grin::grin: