Ataxia meeting in Vegas

Is there anyone who is going to the meeting in March. I hope to meet new people. Stop by the info table and say hi to me.

when nd where..........I need info.....we lived in new jersey

send me some info.........we live in jersey

When in march. I am going to Lost Wages on Friday.

Hello John

(on the events tab, of LWA) I have an entry for LV)

Alan (Wales) Me going to be there Woo Hoo

A small group of us will be there.

Hope to speak with you again (think we spoke in Detriot)

Alan I think we did, but if not love to talk to you! I will be at the info table working. I am the one with Ataxia, LOL ok not the only one. But I do have a strong Boston accent .

Hi John, I am planning on attending I will be sure to drop by the info table

Great ! Hope for some warm weather being from New England .

It will be a lot warmer hopefully !!!!!

You know I’ll be there John, along with JJ. Looking forward to seeing you & Dana!

Hi John. We will be there. Look forward to meeting you. Sharon and Dick

Hi John, will Danna be there also this year? We are planning on going to Vegas too. It will be good to see ya there! :0)

Jeannie, I thought that was you! Yes Dana will be there. We are coming in the Sunday before. I have some meetings I have to go to before the main AMM. Be great to see you. Is your Ataxia still staying the same I hope? God knows Dana reads everything I eat. I have Mito also I have to remind her that I need the calories . LOL this years meeting is looking like it maybe the largest yet. See you soon, and bring some warm weather!

Looking forward to speaking with you all in Las Vegas

(along with some good weather)

Alan Thomas

Ataxia South Wales chairman (the one ZOOMING around in a wheelchair !)