Ataxia uk conference 2013

Hope the conference goes well.. good luck to all the organisers and have a great time everyone.

Patsy x

Can't wait to hear all about it!

I really hope some interesting and relevant information comes out of it. Can't wait to hear what a good time some of our LWA friends had at the conference too.

Wish I lived closer, as I'd attend the UK conference for sure! But, I live in the States and it's a bit far to go across the pond...,ha! I look forward to hearing all about it though. I attended the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) conference here in the States this past March. I loved meeting and talking with others, and learned so much from the speakers! So for all of you attending the UK conference...,enjoy!;o)

It was great to meet Ruth and Beryl
I visited the NAF last year too and will be there in March 2014

The twitter feed I used Live from the UK event

(check it out
You know you want to)

Wish I had known you were at the NAF conference, as I would have looked you up, Alan! If I decide to attend the 2014 NAF conference, I let you know, as it would be great to meet you! ;o)