Nervous help

I’m usually a nervous nelly around crowds and large groupings. I damn near fall apart with panic attacks nervous ticks etc…and this was before i was diagnosed. Now it seems the more nervous and anxious I am the worse my symptoms are. I stay away from events and parties most of the time anyway but when i have to go through an airport or church or something I take xanax. Its a low dose I was perscribed but it does the trick i even walk better with a cane. So if you have similar problems talk to your doctor about xanax!


When I was young😏, I suffered dreadfully from blushes. Any social gathering was guaranteed to bring me out in a red glow. Thankfully old age seems to have controlled the situation but crowds can still make me anxious, although for a different reason🙄
Useful tips for coping with these situations can be helpful😊xB


Large crowds can make Ataxia symptoms much worse

Loud noises can have the same result (and exacerbate any Startle reflex )


I’ve noticed this too but thought it was just me…thank you for saying this!

dolo 23,
did you ever get checked out for general & social anxiety? i had it for 30 years. it ruined my social life.panic attacks ,nervousness,sleep problems,crowd issues & so on.

                                       good luck
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You are all very fortunate that you can get out in public. I’m stuck in my house because right now I can barely stand up. My therapy has been on again and off and getting things to interference from the insurance company. So as hard as it is, please enjoy your time out of the house. All of my doctors Will be getting a stern lecture this week thanks to their delaying my getting into inpatient therapy. That’s what I really need.