Stem cell - How effective this is?

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Well, Stem Cell therapy for Ataxia can POTENTIALLY bring about improvements. BUT, the companies who provide this therapy are careful to stress that improvement rate really depends on the nature and progression of the disease at the time of treatment.

Also, as with any progressive condition, possible improvements might only last for a certain period of time, they cannot be guaranteed.

As we know, the Cerebellum is the control centre for balance and co-ordination, and it sends messages to the nerves and muscles to perform the functions of these acts.

If the Cerebellum is damaged (atrophy) as in the case with many people with Ataxia, incorrect or no messages are sent. leading to damage or death of the nerve and muscle cells.

The idea of Stem Cell Therapy would be for the Stem Cells to differentiate into those nerve and muscle cells that are damaged or dead, to replace them and restore function.

Stem Cells would not actually be used to regenerate the Cerebellum itself, but rather the damaged nerve and muscle cells controlled by it.

At present Neurological clinicians have said that not enough is known about the effacy of this therapy regarding the treatment of Ataxia. There is a possibility of the new cells succumbing to the same disorder as the person’s original cells.

It’s an ongoing debate :slight_smile: xB

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I believe at this time it is only wishful thinking for us.

Generally speaking, Indian medicine is not subject to the same regulatory environment that our US and UK members are familiar with, and is troubled by medical scams: see, for example,