Outside or inside?

Phall, I tried pushing a pram just to see if it helped me. Fortunately it was empty or my grandson would have been all over the place. I have found that touching a wall is helpful. Just touching it, not hugging it which I’ve had to do at other times

:thinking: My first realisation that miraculous things can happen was when I felt much better pushing a shopping cart. So I bought a rollator. It was wonderful while my ataxia stayed at the same ‘level’…but now I’m much less steady and easily lose balance, it’s dawning on me that I should invest in a sturdier rollator. Mine is 4 wheeled with a seat, great manoeuvrability for trawling the malls and on level surfaces, but because it doesn’t have air pressured tyres it struggles a lot of the time.

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I fell and broke my arm several months ago. After a brief hospital stay and a month in rehab, it is healed (4 months). A therapist suggested putting weights in my rollator pouch, 10 pounds worth. This has helped a lot.

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Hi Mary :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome. :hushed:4 mths…I hope you’re now good as new :slightly_smiling_face: My husband has suggested adding weights to my rollator, it would certainly be cheaper than replacing it.

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Final orthopedic doc visit yesterday. All A-OK. No surgery necessary but I am leery about venturing down our sloping driveway. With the pandemic raging I feel kind of trapped. Thank goodness for my husband, a real rock

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A warm welcome to you Mary. Always pleased to have a new friend here. My house is a long way from yours, but on here it may as well be next door.

Next time I walk I will try

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You’ll post your results please. Thanks.

I am more comfortable in my own house, but I bump around and stumble more because I’m comfortable.

Uneven ground and distractions outside do make balance difficult sometimes, but I’m mentally prepared for it and am therefore more careful.

There are also more straight lines indoors. It’s harder to visually center yourself outside unless you’re on a sidewalk or next to another structure.

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That makes sense, Yes having a wall helps a lot.

:slightly_smiling_face: Yesterday, I went for a walk with my husband, using 2 hiking poles instead of my walking stick. It wasn’t long before I realised I just couldn’t master walking with 2 poles. My husband ended up carrying one, while I used the other as a staff. This actually worked quite well, it kept me more upright than the walking stick did. Although problems with Nystagmus weren’t any better, my overall vision still bounced as I walked along.

Ahh. Bouncing vision. Yes, we know all about that don’t we. But I’ve never heard it expressed like a game of football.

:joy: That’s one way of interpreting it. This is one of the symptoms I find so frustrating :grimacing: I have no trouble sitting in a car (unless I glance around quickly), but just trying to have a leisurely walk is exhausting, I spend most of the time just looking down and watching where I walk. My husband strolls along, pointing out things of interest…but I have to stop in my tracks, and stand totally still to focus on whatever it is. If something could be found to control Nystagmus I’d be happy (ish) :wink:

ISH doesn’t really work for me. Has to be 100% yes!

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:joy: I’d be very happy if at least one troublesome symptom got knocked on the head.

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New Jersey has such a long winter, I’m finding it difficult/impossible to practice walking. Do you know if indoor walking in place will suffice?

Kinda, if you’re able, walking up and down stairs will not only strengthen legs but should also help with walking. Of course, safety must be the most important thing.

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“Definitely worse outside” for me; I have SCA 2

Phall I’ve looked at ‘Your story’ on your profile. It looks similar to what I might have said.

I take note of what Phall says above - that we are used to our homes. We know where things are But outside we’re constantly on the look out for things. We think we’re worse outside but that’s because our mind is concentrating on other things. I’ve tested this idea and I think it’s right for me especially since it’s not so for others.