I am getting very mixed up and having trouble remembering how to post on discussion site, I have to bounce around until I find a place I can write.I am getting panicky when too many things are on my mind at once it seems. Yesterday I went to buy my wife a recliner and needed to coordinate the delivery and someone picking up my old recliner I finally had the sales person get involved and let my wife help coordinate. I still drive and do a lot of stuff but this has surprised me as other things are progressing also. Sometimes I sure feel like a good cry, don't get old.

Now’s a time I wish I could give a hug through the internet. I don’t have the same issues yet but I know the feeling of panicking when I realize there is something new I have a difficult time doing. Hang in there. You are not the only one.

I wish I could have a good, old fashioned cry also. It's not happening, but the sadness is always there. The forgetting is increasing. Is forgetting part of ataxia too? I am 76 and figured this is part of old age, but these lapses are embarrassing as I forget all kinds of appointments, get times mixed up, arrive late for things, or not at all. I guess I need strategies. My adult son lives with me, but I can't expect him to be on top of everything. Does anyone employ any strategies to combat this that have worked for you?


The cerebellum also helps with thinking and planning and emotions. It's not just for movement.

Have a look here:

When this goes wrong (which is very frequently) it's called cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome.

You may need some anti-depressants or other therapy. I know I do.

Good luck.

I know what you mean.. I have just turned 72 and feel panicky much of the time. Neurologist prescribed something for pain which happens to be for anxiety too and I am very glad of that.

What makes me most anxious is when my husband needs support as he did this week when he had root canal surgery under sedation. Fortunately I had very good taxi driver to help me get him back home.

I have always felt anxious when out of my comfort zone but it has certainly got worse.

Will have a look at website recommended by Brian5252 ... I am sure you will too. Best wishes, xx

Don’t focus on it too much darling. Take the help. I’m 65 don’t have ataxia and I suffer from the same, do get some help. Focus on the love around you. My husband who had ataxia took antidepressants and they helped greatly. Chin up. It’s ok. Lots of love

I'm sorry that you feel this way. Glad your sharing it here to get it out! I understand getting confused sometimes. I think people that don't have ataxia have that too from time to time. I think we might have more of a challenge to work on this having ataxia but we can't blame everything on it (like some days I tend to too) but some of that is just going to be there. But it is what it is! I know when I don't like how I'm being sometimes I work on changing it. I have heard what you don't acknowledge won't change unless you focus on changing it. (we can change things to a point but why not try to). Like John said cut yourself some slack when it happens and not keep degrading yourself or thinking of it over and over. Fake the attitude if you have to until it doesn't matter anymore to you, It happens and just go on. Soon it will be your go to response.

As far as cognitive thinking goes. The games to keep your mind sharper really work and help keep it going. I use allot of tricks. I'm not perfect and it's ok, I don't have to be! It seems to come eventually and sometimes it doesn't and seems to come faster after I'm focused on work on it. It sounds too simple but exercising the brain by doing new things, crossword puzzles, reading a new book, challenging yourself little by little daily by even doing things in different orders makes the brain work a little harder (putting on socks, eating etc.). Just like exercising the body gets the blood moving more and feeds the brain. Even small regular moves with your arms if someone is in a chair work to get blood flowing. You know it's been proven now that even just a little regular exercise daily can help create NEW functioning neurons in the brain to over compensate for some that don't work well. Look it up. Give your brain something new to learn and find. When I research and my brain begins to hurt (I just say that I'm exercising it it's growing) I take a break but go back to it. Just trick I use. In fact it seems easier to me to work out the brain than the body. I do it but my body doesn't like doing it. :-)

I work with cognitive thinking a little on the Wii fit each day. They have 2 short games to test your brain and body to see where your at. They compute what and how your doing. You can even see how you did last time to push yourself to get a better result. You know food really does make a difference for me. When I don't eat heath as I should I can notice a difference not only in my mood but how my brain reacts or doesn't react. I believe there are some foods that really help cloud our brain.

But most of all I really think we all have days when this ataxia interrupts our life and we just need take time out to cry about it, but please don't stay there long. Just schedule yourself some time and get it over with so it won't linger and go on. For me having a higher power (something outside of myself to think about ((for me it's God and his promises of a better life)) gives me a new perspective every morning I can start out fresh. Not bring my emotions from the day before to a new day.

I think the mind is a funny thing. It reacts to what we tell it too! If we are bad we feel worse, but on the other hand, if we feel we can overcome something we can find a way around that thing and get it accomplished it's a great feeling we want to keep repeating. :-)

I'm old with Ataxia and I monitor my symptoms closely but I don't know what is old age and what is Ataxia!! Salespeople are a lifeline and I find most people want to be helpful. Hang in there and keep that sense of humor

Well, this has been an interesting link. To umigal: you did give an internet hug when you replied in support. To brian 5252: interesting stuff. I will be checking out the referenced link. Thanks ( I don't know your significance about using "5252", but just aside, that is an automobile rpm at which the HP curve and torque curve always intersect. HP is rising and torque is droping.) To jeannie ball: Nice review. Always nice to see your "take" on things. I have ataxia, A condition but I do not know the cause. I have a gene mutation, but not one recognized in the SCA numbers. I recently went to Johns Hopkins and was diagnosed as "mild cognitive impairment" I still have all of the problems expressed by the submissions except for pain. (thankfully). Yes I get confused. I can't keep my appointments straight. Today I carefully went to my psy. appointment , but I was a week early. (I took a 2-3 hour battery of psch. tests; I get the results next week.) Can't think about more than one thing at a time. I really don't like my situation, but I will do what I can. I do use 150 mg Effexor xr (antidepressant), I have recently started Buspar (60mg twice a day. It is an antianxiety (mild) and has been noted on this site before. (it takes about a month for full effects) I run/walk with a rollator for balance (my friends laugh (in a good way)) I still do word an number puzzles. I am 80 years old, and I do not like what I have become, but it is what it is! I will do what I can and I forgive my errors. As Jeannie said, we can't blame it all on whatever causes our ataxia (even if we know). So, look up and keep struggling. (I don't cry, but I readily will shed tears of melancholly happiness for accomplishments of others.) Pls excuse the rambling. ---Silky

Hello, Silkybill,
Any one who can explain about torque and HP curve cannot have any cognitive deficiency :slight_smile:
You sound good to me ! :slight_smile: keep that mind of yours active and your wonderful attitude. You are an inspiration. :slight_smile:
PS. I like your “rambling”… But I prefer to call it your wisdom :slight_smile:

Jeannie, I always enjoy your down to earth advice. Thank you.

Hi everyone. I too have gotten worse in the memory department. I used to multitask daily as part of my job. Oh well, this is the new reality. Now daily I write down my calendar and any errands for the day and I take the list with me. Hope this helps.

I re-read your problems and particularly the closing remark: "Don't get old." My thought is that if you don't get old, you are DEAD! lol As a friend once said, " Getting old is not for sissies." ---Silky

I"ll give ya'll a hug..

Stephanie said:

Now's a time I wish I could give a hug through the internet. I don't have the same issues yet but I know the feeling of panicking when I realize there is something new I have a difficult time doing. Hang in there. You are not the only one.

I said something before, but after reading your note again, you say "Don't get old." But consider the alternative (lol)