Think they forget people have to walk on then and it’s snowing again,
Rant over

Not worth the risk so stayed off the pavements with my rollator.Didn't want anyone to worry so I am just fat instead.No outdoor exercise.

Loz - my initial thought when considering moving South or to California…ice and the unsafe and irradic circumstances with attempting to walk.

Marie -don’t get me started on my pro-yoga soap-box :slight_smile: Adaptive or whatever.

Hahahah you guy's are funny! I live in N. Ca. and I think they are really into people's rights here. All the pavements are kept up really well, but I guess every area can be diffrent. I'm spoiled living here and I love it! :0)

Marie, have you checked out Dr. Tom Clouse's thoughts about movement and walking etc. yet? Check out his drills with exercizes sometime. I actually got a chance to get accessed with him and he really helped guide me to improve my balance, walking etc. Check this out:

Everytime I go on his site I find something new to try! :0)

Thanks Jeannie

I know the theory but I have become disheartened with the repetition.Dr Clouse's site is a regular for inspiration..I will try and keep up the exercises.Can you tell me the most useful ones you found and do on his site?

Though I rarely go out with my mobility scooter in in the snow because of the dangers and walking on snow is way risky at best for me, I do notice that people tend to forget the pedestrian, mothers with buggy or pram and those that have little choice than to venture out in the snow on the pavement with a mobility scooter or such.

The worst thing for me using my scooter is when i got to a point where someone has parked up on the pavement and not left enough space for passing and the nearest dip in the pavement is a long way away! In the winter a lot more people park up high on the pavement in the false belief that this helps them get the car onto the snowy road or maybe because they do not want a skidding vehicle to harm thier car. So not only is navigating a snowy, icey path not something I would want to do but it is made worse by those who selfishly park on a pavement. I often note that drivers have a responsibility to park legally and safely and have told more than a few people I know that if they can afford the luxury of a car then they should afford themself the necessary drive - on there garden if needed!

Another gripe! All those car drivers that dig out thier cars and pile the snow up on the pavement. Not only does this cause obstruction but it can remain long after other snow has thawed.


My scooter is a 'medium' size 8mph number, fully road worthy, regularly tested, kept in very good order, insured and legally allowed on the roads but it is just too dangerous to take it out when it snows or is very icey - particularly during or after heavy snow. Thank goodness for taxis - they are not cheap to use but are the only way I can get out and about in such bad conditions as we are having just now. I can occassionally get a lift from a frien or relative but they are not always available.

This soap box is starting to wobble and my balance aint'nt great anways so I'll just step down. :) I'm not really so bothered about the things I have written about as I find alternate means of getting around in bad weather - but we all need a good rant now and then!

The snow and ice can be dangerous to those of us with walking and balance difficulties - stay safe all!

Side note: A fall is rarely funny to the faller but I had a really hilarious fall the other day. As we needed some fresh items but it was snowing heavily, I went to the shop with my mum in a taxi. We returned in a taxi too. On getting out of the taxi (return journey) I was fine and gentley made my way from the passenger side around the back of the car. When I went to mount the pavement though, my ballance issues got the better of me. As I tried to regain balance, I slipped on compacted and icey snow. I feel in a kind of backward twist into our high garden hedge. Almost straight away, Imanaged to 'get up' and I saw the looks of horror on the faces of mum and the taxi driver - they really where concerned I had fallen. I immediately started laughing and told the others I was OK and this 'broke the ice' (I bet you saw that coming). I'm fine - no harm done and the hedge is OK too! But, as I wrote earlier - stay safe all.

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This helps me I hope you can get something out of it too! :0)

Walking With Ataxia


Home Page

Your personal health
We can all be healthier
Basic Nutrition
Cellular Nutrition
Oxidative Stress


1. Learn to relax a little bit!

2. For the most part, keep your eyes off the floor.

3. Look in the direction you want to move before you move.

4. Keep your shoulders level and head straight.

5. Maintain a straight, upright posture.

6. Keep the back of your head, shoulders, butt and your heels lined up.

7. Try your best not to lean onto things as you move.

8. Move as a unit - no matter which direction you go.

9. Begin your movements from your belt.

10. Keep your hips and knees slightly bent.

11. To get your feet off the floor, pick up your knees.

12. Walk on your knees - not your feet!

13. Plant your feet. Get off your heels.

14. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on your entire foot.

15. Point your toes straight ahead before you start to move.

16. Transfer your body weight from one foot to the other.

17. Follow through with each step.

18. Take small evenly spaced steps.

19. Practice walking frequently. Perhaps use a treadmill.

20. Practice movement skills regularly!

21. EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE and strengthen those muscles.

I was lucky enough to get accessed by him and work with him a few months ago. He drilled this in our heads over and over again. If you can get these steps down it will make a diffrence for you. I've seen him work with people that haven't stood or gotten out of their wheel chair in 10 years. It's not easy but doable! Please just remember to be safe while moving at all. Make sure there are walls etc around you that if you start to fall there will be something there to help you! :0)

Marie Turner said:

Thanks Jeannie

I know the theory but I have become disheartened with the repetition.Dr Clouse's site is a regular for inspiration..I will try and keep up the exercises.Can you tell me the most useful ones you found and do on his site?