Does anyone [like me] need to weigh down their walker in order to use it? I need to weigh my walkers down 75 pounds in order to feel stable when using them. I can not find a walker to use outdoors on all types of terrain....gravel,cobble stone,grass,sand etc. At this time I am using a stroller that is weighed don,to walk my kiddos to school about a mile both ways even that is becoming difficult. I'm sure I look like a drunk mommy pushing a stroller down the street, I don't feel safe enough to cross a busy street just to follow the side walk,a regular walker does not go over the small cracks in the sidewalk. When I go any where indoors I take the regular walker but don't feel safe and secure at all the grocery store I use the cart and to and from the car I hold someones hand. Can any body out there give me a new and improved method?

I thought I'd put this link here. Not sure you know about Dr. Tom Clouse but his website is very valuable. He also has ataxia himself. I was lucky to work with him. He's very militant but his stuff sure works. He has lots of suggestion on his site that might be worth a try. You can also contact him through the site. Take what you like and leave the rest! :-)


Thanks I try to do a lot of that already what’s walk on your knees mean?

I have member in my group who cant manage with a rollator either three or 4-wheeled but she finds a sholley works for her.


My neuro physio tells me to use 'wider' strides... apparently I am trying to walk 'cat walk model' style. LOL

I found the advice on here to lift knees very useful but difficult to remember.. so many things to think of!!

I too failed to find an all terrain stroller.. none of the wheels can cope with gravel. Anything with big wheels want go in the car !! I am still looking for rollator with 4 wheels [cant manage 3-wheel] with tyres that cope with gravel and will fit in our car.

I use a modified baby jogger that has 20 inch wheels and I use a 35 pound weight to stabilize this. I believe this may be an alternative to all-terrain walker. You might be interested in this website http://www.trionic.us/pages/Veloped-the-allterrain-walker-that-beats-a-rollator

Dear Misti
We bought the Volaris Smart 7 for our daughter last year. It is unlike any other relationship you’ve ever seen. It has a low axle, low center of gravity and travels over curbs and rough terrain easily. Volaris does make one for rough terrain also (called Volaris Patrol) . We bought ours at X-LENT CARE on line and it was shipped quickly. Best of all it is NOT made in China, rather it is made in Sweden. Beware of Access/Active which claims to be Norwegian. It is DESIGNED in Norway but BUILT in China. We looked at this one and found it to be shabby and poorly constructed-typical of their mass manufacturing. The nice thing about the Smart 7 by Volaris is that the brake cables are contained within the rails of the rollator-not exposed- so they don’t get caught on things. They have many attachments. We bought the comfort seat, drink holder and the large basket. Our daughter is 21 and this is not your typical “old lady/old man walker” although the elderly would find this rollator extremely comfortable and stable.
Good Luck and All The Best

Thank you everyone Mark I will look up the Volaris Smart 7 the funny thing is last year I was looking at that and the Spry Sport Rollator ended up getting the spry and I HATE IT! $200.00 DOWN THE DRAIN CANT USE IT almost fell. Thanx again.