at present i have an i phone but with my shaking find it difficult so me times

is there a special phone people with ataxia use

would welcome any help with this

Hi I was just reading a book about MS and Dr. Wahl's food plan etc. I read your post earlier but didn't reply before because I don't exsperiance tremors but I have spasms at times. Well, while reading something popped out at me that I wanted to share. I didn't know this before. And I quote: Tremore are helped by exercise and strtching as well as taking supplements such as magnesium.

It goes on to say Muscle ramp, due to spasm, maybe caused by too little calcium. Calcium and magnesiun are both essential for the muscles to contract and relax normally. The natural amino acid gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) viduals: try 500 mg three times daily with food. Niacin must be taken with a daily dose of vitamin B complex-an essential vitamin or use in (MSM), a natural sulphur-containing compound, can also be efective in reducing spasm. The poerful antioxidant anthocyanidian, taken in sufficient doesage (approximately 250 mg daily, or more) can work in reducing muscle spasm, too. Spasms may also be helped by Sative cannabis spray, heral medicine, conductive education, acupuncture, homoepathy and LDN.

Found in the book Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally a self-help guide to living with MS by Judy Graham Healing Arts Press in Rochester, Vermont*Toronto, Canada

Even though it doesn't help with your phone issue I thought this was really good information just in case anyone reading this would like to know too!.

I've been taking more Calcium throught the day and a banana in the morning. I also do light sreching. It seems to be helping me out. But I'm going to try this to see if I can get more releaf. I Good luck! Check this out sometime