Pilates - does it help?

The Spinal physiotherapist at the hospital recommended Pilates as good therapy; strengthening the core and improving balance.

I shot over to our Leisure Centre, enrolled in the class, and absolutely love it!

But oh, it has underlined to me how my balance has deteriorated. I did a lot of ballet when I was younger, so should know how to stand on one leg! But now .....

My Mum used to say, turn the situation upside down and look at its bottom. So, I know that I enjoy doing the exercises, (but with both feet on the floor!), I enjoy getting out of the house, I enjoy knowing that I am doing some general exercise which is good for the rest of me (we mustnt forget heart and lungs joints etc!) and I enjoy having a new interest/hobby in my life and meeting the new people in the class.

Do other people find Pilates helpful, or do other s find other things better; swimming or work out dvds at home?

I cant get myself out ... just need a push!! I do however, exercise at home with wii fit, electric pedaller and vibrater plate,

AH! Wii fit! Forgot all about that - thats a good idea!

I was doing chair yoga and that was ok but then I went for physical therapy and they could show me how to put my body so I can balance myself. My yoga, walking, and just moving is better since I went there. Before I went I was tripping all the time and falling about twice a week. I've fallen about 4 times in about 6 months. I rarely trip anymore. The PT therapists taught me how to walk without tripping.

I think any kind of exercise is good. You have to find what works for you.

I think that whatever you pick, pushing yourself physically can have great benefits. I have been working on a regular exercise program and have recently(for a little over a month) begun yoga class once a week at my gym. I can’t believe how much I like it. I started it because I was told it could help with my balance training. I think it helps with that. I use the wall as support and I can’t do most poses without the wall, but overall, it has been really helpful in my overall mood.
What more can I say? Start slow and get busy…