Planning a Vacation?

Planning a getaway with a disability can be tricky. Many venues now are accessible to those of us with disabilities.
Some attractions are pricey, and some are not, and some are free! (if you’re like me you depleted your pocket book on disability paraphernalia).
Some things to remember are: plan your trip well, accommodate washroom breaks often. Or plan mini vacations instead. Day trips are nice for me, It is too much to spend time away sometimes. Pack an umbrella. The weather can change in an instant or you may require extra protection from the sun (the weatherman is seldom right!) Take a change of clothes, weather your experiencing incontinence problems, or your system just does not agree with carnival food! be prepared for accidents. Using adult protective under garments aren’t a bad idea either. Protection from the sun is a must, we tend to spend much of our time indoors because of our condition. Pack some type of muscle creme or pain reliever. You may experience some extra aches and pains from your adventure, or maybe you ache all the time like me. I like to wear a wide brimmed hat with vents, and don’t forget the sunscreen, water, & sunglasses! If you can, use a wheel chair or scooter. Parks or zoos can require lots of walking, I don’t really need a wheelchair yet, but walking any distance is difficult. Don’t over do it. Take lots of breaks. If you need a couple of days to complete the activity do it! see a different part on another day, it’s better to admit defeat, than to destroy your body for three days after! Never go it alone. You might need assistance getting around from a friend or family member. Take advantage of the facilities disability amendments. Use their wheelchair or scooter if they have them.
There is probably something I’m forgetting, however, those are my basic rules.
Try not to be ashamed or embarrassed by your condition, generally folks in public are more sympathetic to people with disabilities than we think.
I have small kids, so sure they like the zoo or aquarium, but I can’t afford those things, so they usually are satisfied just visiting a park or something free. I still have to accommodate for accidents though.
Although the more popular attractions are nice, the children are just happy to spend time or vacations with me!
What ever your situation may be, try to get out and enjoy yourself if you are still able. You might be surprised what you still can do, as long as you are safe about it. Have a safe and happy summer.