Holiday destinations, tips and ideas ... what/where's good, what's not!

I'd love to take my husband and our 2 teenagers (16yr old with aspergers) on holiday but it's rather daunting with the ataxia and limited mobility/fatigue to consider. We used to travel so would love to go on another adventure but I'm just not sure where we can be sure of having a good time and not come home frustrated and exhausted.

We're not good at just lying on a beach but like exploring off the beaten track type destinations. We live in the UK and don't have endless resources. Past holidays have been last minute, back packing style which of course isn't a good option these days. Somewhere for hubby to relax while we do some visiting but also somewhere that has easy ways to visit sites/beaches/beauty spots/wildlife.

Any ideas or tips would be most welcome. Thanks :)

do you want to go abroad ? or stay within the UK ?

Tenerife is a popular place with an accessible beach


Germany Barrier Free



Alan (Wales)

I went to Mexico a couple of years ago to the Blue Bay Esmerelda. The hotel complex has small buses to transport you around the complex - they even take your bags to and from your room. There are several pools aswell as a beach and theres plenty to see and do - don't bother with Chichen Itza though go to Coba instead as there are people who will buke ride you and a partner to the ruins. Its in Peurto Plata on the river Maya. They seemed to be quite accommodating and they cater for primarily Yanks, so the service is better than European hotels.

There's a bit of a gap in the market for our condition.We stayed in disaabled friendly cottages which were good for wheelchairs but the washing facilities left me balancing precariously over toilets and showers.

My Ataxia means I can move so don't need hoists but have no balance so lots of wobbling.We liked mountain scenery and walking-not conducive to Ataxia.We didn't like laying about on a beach either.Had the teenagers,did budget hols but did not have Ataxia then.Let me know if you find a good site as we are looking for somewhere for March for 1 week.

It’s pretty easy to travel by air modern hotels are easy ,as well. Cruises are just great. Plenty of things for the teens and their parents. We love museums and canal tours. Find there is lots of help getting in out of ships or small boats. Stay away from cobblestones! I broke my elbow in Copenhagen last June! That’s one reason coach tours are not always a good idea. Good luck, Krissy. If you have more specific questions, maybe I can help. Best, sharon