Portable walker?

I commute to NYC (bus, train, subway, walk) three times a week. I walk the last part 30 minutes. I've noticed that I'm getting worse walking and don't feel safe-my heart is in my throat! I tried a cane but the shaking in my right arm makes it a weapon. Since I don't want to give up my commute, and I want to continue walking, I was wondering if anyone had or saw a PORTABLE WALKER that I could put on my back...like a backpack. My arms need to be free to get up on the bus and train so I can't think of another way. Even if the walker folds, I can jerry-rig straps. Let me know!

Dear Dic, I have never heard of such, but what a GREAT idea and invention that would be. You are a hero! Best

Thanks Ellen! I appreciate your great wishes!

You could get a rollator that folds but it would be too heavy to back pack. I find fellow passengers are usually considerate when boarding buses but... I have never tried it during commuting hours! Good luck.

Hello dlc,

Yes, this would be a great invention. Here is one, foldable and light weight (not quite 29lbs).

Depending on how tall you are, it could possibly work. Best of luck!

Sorry, I meant 20 lbs, not 29…a slip of the finger :slight_smile:

I am so encouraged that you are still walking independently. I will search the internet and if I find something will pass it on,

"You go girl".

Try a Posture Walker. It is made out of aluminum and fold easily. Here is a link: http://kayeproducts.com/kaye-wide-posture-control-walkers/

I just went on the site! I looked at some but not these! I'm very excited!

I'm encouraged by all the great responses. As long as I can walk & work I will-as all of you! Than you!

I do not know what it is called, but I have heard people talk about it on this site and it is a kind of weighted vest. Very expensive, but perhaps some kind of medical financial assistance is available. As I understand it, the weights can be arranged different ways in order to manage the most difficult areas of balance. As a vest,of course, your arms would be free. I do not know that much about it. If anyone on this site does, please enlighten us. It may help the person inquiring about a portable walker and others. Would like to know if it works and cost, if possible. Thank you. Janet

I'd be very interested. Thanks Janet. I need to hold onto something though. I've fallen in the city!!

Hello Janet and dlc,

The vest can be seen at www.motiontherapeutics.com
Some people on this site have one and say it has helped them, some say it has not. Each case is different.
I tried one a few months ago, and the therapist herself said that although she did not see much of an improvement with it, I seemed to be a little less wobbly. To be honest, I could not tell the difference. She left it up to me.
Yes, it is pricey at $750 and for me, not reimbursed by Medicare. So I have not made a decision yet. You may want to check the website to find out if there is a trained therapist in your area. I had to travel 3 hours to see one. They do not have trained people in all the states yet. You can call them and talk to them they are very nice and helpful.
Good luck to you both.