Power chair

just got a new power chair, it is collapsable and lite. I ordered it march 24 th and I had to wait 20 days for delivery and I was really getting nervous because they quoted 7 to 10 days. It is an ez-lite HD ande has a lithium battery tat holds a charge longer which helps when you dont use a lot. I am happy with it and it came in just in time as my legs are really stiffening up. I recently had a bout with blood clots in the lungs and have been going to the lab getting checked out on my warfarin dosage and the lab was a very long walk on crutches.for me. I find that I dont have to collapse the chair to load it into the van as it only weighs 59 pounds and loads and unloads very easy. my old chair in the van was too hard to load and unload even with a hoist and batteries always low, now I have to try to sell it or donate it and the batteries are dead. I leave it in the van all the time and have used it more than I have my old chair in 2 years. In the house I use a walker or forearm crutches and a manual wheelchair I removed some parts from so I could use it in the hall way and when I need to move fast for the bathroom or the doorbell. It has no brakes so it is a bit dangerous getting off and on.

I’m glad your chair finally got there and is working out for you! Sorry you’re dealing with the blood cloths and hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

where did you get it. it is still to heavy for my wife to get it in and out of car. is there a lift or hoist i can use. i have a suv

john caruso

this sounds interesting - could you let us know what make/model you bought? Are you in the UK by any chance?

Thanks and great that you're so happy with it.

The power chair is an e-z lite HD it is made in china and thats why it took so long to get. They sell all over the world. I am in California and I ordered it from a med co in Colorado and did not have to pay any shipping. I think a lot of people wont be able to lift this into the trunk of a car so it still is not for everyone unless you have a way to load it in a vehicle with a ramp or lift. I have a hoist in the van I had put in for the larger chair and it was a pain in the neck it was so time consuming. I dont collapse the chair to load it but tilt it backwards and put the front wheels over the bumper and then I lift the back end of the chair so I dont have to lift the whole weight. There are about 4 or more chairs made by different companies that are similar and some are a lot lighter. I got the larger machine in case someone else needed it down the line.

Dear gelu65, Glad your new power chair is working out for you! It sounds totally awesome! ;o)

Hi, I got a KD Smart Chair just last week. It took about 24 days to get & I think it is made by the same people that made Gelu65's chair. There are 2 models to choose from. I got the standard version that weighs 50 pounds. The 2 batteries weigh 3.7 pounds each so if you remove them, the chair weighs less than 43 pounds. There are several places to buy them, but you have to look at the prices.

Good luck