After four or so years of relative independece I have finally gone from rollator to wheelchair.For the past 10 months I have been using a wheelchair provided free from my local wh/chair service.While this has proved very useful there are some cons.I keep getting stuck and the two small wheels at the front keep twisting round and get wedged in the foot rests. Does anyone know a lightweight, manoeverable and portable model available in England?

RGK make good active user chairs and they are very light (my son uses one) they are expensive though. If you look at their site they do have a section for ex demo/second hand chairs at very reasonable prices.

There are quite a few, though they're all quite expensive. I have two spare ones in my garage though, if you're interested? They're kind of small though (I'm only five foot tall). Otherwise, try a Quickie or a Kuschell.