Praying calms the brain...measurably

When hooked up to a brain mapping system in my functional neurologist’s office I decided to gently focus during the second half of the exam, repeating one phrase with each breath…“Lord, have mercy.” And it was totally amazing. The first half readout indicated numerous hot spots in my brain, almost all of the printout was red ink! In the second half of the exam, during which I focused and repeated “Lord, have mercy” with each breath, over ninety-five percent of the printout was green ink, indicating a very calm brain! Amazing! JD


It’s fascinating, isn’t it, how the body and brain can respond to this kind of thought pattern! For some people it’s prayer, for others it’s meditation or “mindfulness”.

Science has only just scratched the surface of the potential of the mind, and barely started unlocking its mysteries! Apparently, prayer/meditation/mindfulness, etc. can also be used in pain management.

It’s all pretty interesting and exciting!

Seenie from Moderator Support

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Thank you for sharing that with us. Prayer can be like meditation. That is amazing

I see my husband responding most favorable when he is in prayer. It’s a faith builder for sure.