Problem with walking

I have cer. atax. unknown case. I’m 39 and trying still walking without aids.

In the beginning of my walking I have enough energy, but as I go about 5-10 minutes I feel fatique in my right foot and I can’t control this foot and I have to stop. I rest aproximately for 1 minute and I can go further but after let’s say 3 minutes my foot is out of control again I stop again then is the interval again shorter and so on.

I try to go for a regularly walk, train this condition, but it seems it doesn’t help.
Do you have some experiences with simililar condition and what you advise to do?

have you ever heard of magnet therapy?

I didn’t try magnetotherapy and I’m not sure how it could help me. As I look at it it’s about pain not about endurance of walking. But thanks for the idea.

thats what they say. but i had a idea 1 night and tryed it [insoles in my shoes] . i used to have a wide gait. i walk like a normal person now. but if you do try them make sure you buy the [nikken] brand .if you want more info on it we can go private chat. i can tell you stories about this stuff

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I try it, interesting idea. Thank you.

:slightly_smiling_face: You can search for archive posts relating to similar symptoms. Click on the magnifying symbol next to your profile picture. Search for ‘jerking’ ‘involuntary spasm’ etc.


I have SCA (no number) and have found that my limit is about 440yds, then it is v hard to do more. Stopping doesn’t help, it’s not about stamina. I was diagnosed about 3 yrs ago, (now 60) and I use a stick now, which helps a lot. I have a light, portable wheelchair too for longer distances,which felt awful at first but now I admit that I am much more mobile and comfortable in it - so worth it to get about! It’s hard to admit you are disabled but once you feel you can do it the aids do mean you can be mobile again, which is a whole new board game!

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