Red face

After bending,and on straightening up, I usually feel there's been a blood rush to

the head and I have a red face. Depending on how long I've been bending, this

can last for hours, and sometimes feel hot and burning. Does anybody else

experience this sort of thing?

Wondering if you check your blood pressure. I know when sitting or laying down it takes me a minute to regulate like I have a level in my head I have to get that bubble just right so I can start off walking ok.

I was checked with my blood presure laying down or sitting then also standing and they are really diffrent. That might be your reason I don't know. I know it's not fun though. Keep digging for answers!

I agree with what Jeannie said, get your blood pressure checked...,;o) If I bend over, my face gets red, but as soon as I straighten up, it becomes regular again..., ;o)

I dont know if my face stays red but I do take a long time to recover.. I have always assume it was due to the extreme effort of regaining balance.


Never fainted but advised to turn very slowly.I I turn too fast that is when I am likely to fall over with the walker on top of me.

I have always had low blood pressure but I think leaning down or turning too quickly is a problem for many of us Ataxians.

My eyes behave too slowly so they are at odds with my brain so I cannot focus quickly on anything.


I found out what might have caused my excessive red burning face. It had been a very sunny day,

and I was gardening. Apparently, some anti depressants can make you more susceptible to sunburn,

I take Sertraline. The burning and redness lasted all day,just like sunburn.

My BP is under control. Off late I noticed my skin has become too sensitive after the neurological onset of PMA. Initially I was diagnosed CA. Any pressure on the face makes it red and when seated with legs folded the extremities become red too! I do not know if any one has this symptom.