Saw the new version of Robocop last night and they mentioned spino cerebellar ataxia. Is this a first in a major Hollywood film? Surely it can only be good for ataxia awareness.

Good to hear a reference to this “rare and Life-Limiting” condition,
It all adds to awareness, which is good to see

Good. Glad to hear this. This is exactly what I have and the number of people who have never even heard the word ataxia is really surprising. Perhaps this will increase awareness.

I didn't see the movie - what was the context that they used it in? Did they explain it?


They refer to ataxia in Avitar … when Jake first gets into the Avitar body in the lab


Louise said:


Sorry Luise if i have taken a bit of time to reply because i am on holiday. In the movie they are looking for someone to turn into a robocop[ half man, machine] and a guy with spino ataxia was mentioned as a possible candidate