Interesting show!

I like this TV show called “In Search Of” which is found on the History Channel. I DVR the episodes so I can watch them later. Last night I saw this episode on Mind Control. Around the middle of the show there was a segment where a Dr. Tyler sent ultra sonic sound waves to the host’s cerebellum that increased its ability. I was excited. I wonder if this might be possible to reinstate its ability to function in folks that have Cerebellar Ataxia?

I’m trying to find a way to contact the doctor and suggest the possibility. Here’s the link where you can view the show. Everyone please write to the doctor and the History Channel. Maybe if we all get together and they hear from many, perhaps they will explore it further. Thanks for your support!

EDIT: To get in contact. Go to the History Channel’s home page and scroll to the bottom of the page, select the contact choice, on the new page top select submit a request and go from there. I wrote to them asking for Dr. Tyler’s contact info after briefly explaining myself. Please do the same.

If anyone belongs to Facebook [I don’t] please make a post there also.

:smirk: Sorry, But after a very frustrating 10-15 mins of trying various options of logging onto this, I gave up. For some reason, the direct link failed for me. I even googled, and clicked on what looked a direct link to episode 7,but it didn’t follow through either :smirk: The search box on the History Channel was also disappointing :smirk: The show in question obviously stimulated your interest re ataxia, let us know when you get a reply :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Sorry you had the problem in getting to view the show. I had the same problem using a computer but I downloaded and installed the History app to my phone and I was able to view the program using it.

The segment in question shows the host on a specialized wobbly treadmill that a normal person cannot stay on. However, after the sound stuff, the host could stay on it!

I’ll post here when [if] I hear anything.

EDIT: I searched for History on the phone and that lead me to the app.

Wouldn’t it be great if the sound waves made a big improvement to every type of ataxia :slightly_smiling_face: I use an iPad, maybe that’s why I have difficulty with connection :thinking: xB

Yes and maybe…

Johns Hopkins is doing something like this, but I don’t think they are studying it for us. There aren’t that many of us. But to help with blindness and other more known impairments.

Also, consider that this kind of technology can easily be used nefariously. For example, sonic waves could theoretically be used to smooth out ones moments, but also to steer a persons movements. Impulses sent to help a person see could also be used to manipulate WHAT they see. So there’s a danger in developing this kind of thing. You’d need laws to regulate it and people to enforce it. Things get complicated.

Fortunately, that does not happen. Once something is approved, it can be prescribed for anything. That is referred to as off-label use. Insurance may not cover it, though. It sounds like an objective of this is to get energy into the brain, which is done by the BrainPort and the PONs devices,too. The BrainPort is manufactured by Wicab and is approved in Canada. The PONs is manufactured by Helius and they are supposedly completing their FDA application now. I saw supposedly because they have a history of missing schedules

Yes it could. But as you say, we have an orphan illness and I doubt that anyone large is trying to investigate with us in mind. It boils down to a money thing. So, if there’s something that might open a door for us, I get excited.

Still no response from The History Channel. I’m not holding my breath! :roll_eyes: