Sca 6 age of diagnosis and how fast

Hi anyone with sca 6 .

How old were you at diagnosis?

How slow is the progression?

Thank you

Hi Lola,

This is taken from the NAF’s website. Sadly because ataxia is so variable and rare there is not a ton of medical information upon which to “hang ones hat”. In the world of SCAs, SCA 6 is not as bad as others so hopefully that helps. Is it you with a SCA 6 diagnosis?

What is the prognosis for SCA6? Age at onset of
SCA6 symptoms ranges from 19 to 71 years old. The
severity of symptoms also varies considerably, even
within families. Most often, it is a late onset disorder
with symptoms first occurring between 43 through 52
years of age. It usually progresses slowly. Lifespan
generally is not shortened by the disease.

Thank you no it is my partner.
His family have got it in their sixties I’m hoping this is the same for him.
He is 32 no symptoms we have a little boy who as not yet can be tested til he’s older .
Just trying to get all the advice I can
Thank you

I look at it this way. There are many different types and within the type it can be idiopathic or hereditary. Within the type it has certain symptoms and you can have them or not and the severity is not the same from person to person. It can also progress at whatever rate it wants to. I, myself have hereditary type 2 and it mostly affected my balance from about high school on (I’m 52 now) and my speech and my writing started to be affected a few years ago, but anyone else that has this type may have different symptoms at different severities. Being different from person to person is the only thing that is the same.