Any 20+ year olds?

Hi I’m 25 with sca7 and all i have been seeing for the past i dont know how many months are these mature ladies and gents doing “really well” with ataxia. Thats great, really, but i was just wondering are there any younger people around my age doing “really well?”… I thought i was having a handle on this dosease but I’m falling alot more and stiffenning up alot more so i guess it is still progressing?

Hi Dolo😊 Log onto and scroll down the home page, click on 16-30 :blush:xB

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I’m 25 years diagnosed with SCA type 7 my symptoms : retinal atrophy in my eyes, imbalance (sometimes ) hard walking ( sometimes )

Hi sireena😊welcome,
Anyone can join the 16-30 group, it’s not restricted to the UK😊 Members have various types of ataxia.

Helpful info about ataxia can be found on
The Fact Sheets include info re SCA7


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