How many here use a smartphone and would you use an application for ataxia from a good authoritative source?


Katie Lea put me onto Tikki labs which is a good ap for my i phone >i have been using it for a year now.It has a big keyboard and good predictive texts.Good for long texts but lots of quivering if i don't use it and am capable of lots of typos without it.



Wrong spelling .The ap is called TikiNotes.


I don’t know of any specifically for ataxia but there are many games that can help co-ordination and many text-to-speech apps so you cause your iPhone/iPad as a communication aid.

I use Proloquo2go for speech on my iPad and iPhone. I’m now a Beta Tester for Assistiveware (who makes it and other AT for Mac) so I get to test things before they are released and help in their development that way I can suggest things that may make it easier for people with movement disorders to use.

They will get easier for people with Ataxia, and peope unable to use their hands, with features that are coming this year but I can’t say anymore than that! ;0)