Sometimes life aint bad

Well that was me 50 on the 18th [a minute ago I was 20]. My pal Stuart[ for 40 years] and his wife visited from oz and Stuart gave me a card that made me feel very humble indeed. I wont tell you what he wrote coz that's for me, but sometimes you are unaware of the impact that you have on some ones life and when that some one tells you it can pretty much floor you. We talked of our youth and going to see bands and stuff and it reminded me that in between all the difficult stuff, there have been some great times. Stuart has ran a couple of marathons for ataxia and plans to do more in the future. About 17 years ago we went to see a punk band called Poison Idea[ My mum would have loved it-NOT] in Glasgow and later this month I will go and see them again and think of old times.

Cassie has a physio who comes to see her every 6 months to see how things are progressing, and she was very happy with her saying that she does not think anything has moved in a year .

Finally our local gym have given Cassie another years membership for free. So thanks to all the staff at Nuffield in East Kilbride. When you go through the horrors that life can sometimes throw at you, the most amazing people come into your life to lend a helping hand.

Thank you all for listening

Very cool punk, sometimes it just takes the small things to remind us of how life can be! :wink:

Happy Birthday Punk, 50, you’re still a bairn :slight_smile:
Stuart is a friend to be cherished :slight_smile: xB

Thanks for sharing Punk and congratulations on your 50th birthday. I loved being 50 but 60th and 70th were not so welcome LOL.

Enjoy your reminiscing and may the celebrations continue. xxx

Happy Birthday, many more to come

Saw a great T shirt the other day that said -- I may be old but I saw all the best bands.

My body does feel older but inside I can be very immature for my age, and I hope I always will be that way.

This group of people on here are great. Just a bunch of normal people trying to help each other and in my mind weather you like it or not that makes you all PUNKS.

Penblwydd Hapus / Happy Birthday

Alan- Wales

Happy Birthay, Punk. You are not old until you are 95. Then you can start maturing :slight_smile: .
Glad you had a great time with your friend!
Take care.

Lovely post, Punk. I've seen a few punks bands in my time, too. I never had the courage to get a mohawk, but I sure wanted to...

Never had a Mohawk either dancermon coz that's just another uniform but I do love my tattoos x

Happy Birthday, Punk!

Speaking of Mohawks, the vet said that it would be a good idea to shave the one aging cat…I’m thinking a Mohawk would be a “fun” alternative for such a strut-savvy cat.

That would look great and dogs would keep well away